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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hello, my name is Daniel Cristea and I am a student with Plymouth University, studying a BSc in Environmental Science, as well as activating as the Director of the Charity 'One Common Goal CIC'. I am a children's book author ''The children's common goal'', available on which I published in seven languages so far.

I have a driven personality towards a perpetual professional and personal improvement, and as well as finding ways to help children to discover and use their creativity, which will bring a brighter future for them and their communities. My intention for achieving this aim, comes through some enhanced educational projects, which will help them to understand the issues of our world's environment and as well as how to become more pro-active towards helping to prevent, protect or even come up with solutions on their own to fix some of the environment's issues.

The reason for writing this blog.

It is important for the website readers to find out who are the people behind these projects and I also hope to encourage the readers to participate in bringing over their ideas and any other form of help.

If the projects will prove to become successful, together we will be able to help our children and our beautiful world's environment to improve and assure a good future for all the live beings on this planet.

Figure 1. Daniel Cristea photo in the laboratory doing scientific research

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