The one children's charity you wish your child will be part of too

Planting more trees!

We need more trees! Every year on March 21st, we organise an event where the community is welcomed to be involved in the planting of a tree or a flower around Plymouth. March 21st is internationally recognized as World Tree Day! We especially like to get the children involved in these activities as they are our future. 

Image by Anna Earl

Dartmoor Family Park

We are looking to launch a Community Project on Dartmoor to create a family friendly spot. This initiative will bring the community together, encourage the planting of trees and flowers, and even contribute to the community with an enjoyable space on Dartmoor to visit. 

Family Fun in Field

School Activities

In order to stimulate the creative minds of our children and to get as many children involved as possible, 'One Common Goal' aims to hold a competition in the schools across Plymouth, where our children will come up with fantastic sculpture designs! ​These sculptures will then be displayed across City Centre!

Boy Coloring


The children of Plymouth would have the  opportunity to work on two large statues, approximately 25 m tall, which will be erected at each end of A38 to welcome visitors into the city.​

Image by Perry Grone

The Children's Common Goal

This book was co-written by Dan Cristea and his son Patric Cristea, and illustrated by Teadora Nitu. Currently, the book has been written in 7 languages and we hope that one day every child will own a copy (we wish to be able to afford to give them all for free). The aim is for this book to reach every part of the world, to inspire our children everywhere to plant trees and flowers every year, among other beautiful, creative activities, through which to positively impact the world. 


University of Plymouth

We are looking to partner with the University of Plymouth Student Union (UPSU) to create a student society where volunteer opportunities with the charity will be made available. 


Mother Earth Day

August 1st is the day of the year known as the Earth Overshoot Day. It is the day where we recognize that we as humans have overused the resources that the earth provides. Let us all come together and launch an event where we pause and appreciate Mother Earth for all that she provides. 

Celebrate Earth Day on August 1st!.png

Improving the Education System 

There are thousands of brilliant and underpaid teachers in our country. Wouldn't you agree? This is the chance for a few of these brilliant teachers to prove themselves. Come alongside us so we make a difference together. We are looking for three passionate, hard working teachers with a futuristic vision, to make a positive change in our education system.

Image by NeONBRAND