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Our Team

Hello and welcome to our team's page. We are absolutely delighted about the fact that you are taking some time to know us. We are a young and small team with extremely enthusiastic ambitions. We are working to grow our team as much as possible in the future and we hope that you will appreciate the fact that we are being honest and not trying to hide our present small team under fancy words. With your collaboration, one day we will be behind the world's largest, yearly trees plantation by children.

We are not here to change the world, as the world is the greatest place in the universe (as far as we know). We are here to help keeping it that way.  If you share similar believes, join us so we can succeed sooner. Thank you

Meet The Team

Dan Cristea


Managing Director

Great spirit and a dreamer (according to my wife, sister, mother etc.).

A law student with Plymouth University

writer and a fun dad (according to my son)

Patric Cristea


Important helper within the community and a great follower of my dad.

Dora pt site.jpg

Teadora Nitu

Ilustrator for the Children's common goal book and an entusiastic helper around here.

I am a 12 years young girl with a passion for many nice things that would help our planet and us all. 

Emoji Balloons

Ivanna Odle

An amazing friend, conscious student (environmental science) and a fierce fighter for helping our children's future to become greener.