If not now then when, if not us then who?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Us humans are totally dependent on our beautiful but finite planet and we need to leave it as beautiful for our children too. It's time that we think about the possibility of giving something back, for us and all the other future generations. NASA's annual budget is on the scale of tens of Billion Dollars and this number is usually bigger than many countries GDP on this planet. What is important to understand is the fact that after more that fifty years of building more and more complex satellites, their search for a similar world as ours, could not bring any satisfactory result. In short, we have been given one planet and one chance to make sure we don't destroy it. That, if we still want to offer a chance to our children to live a life at least as great as we have it now, with amazing sunshine in the morning, clean enough air to breathe and water to drink. Our Charity is building systems to encourage more and more children to contribute with their time and creativity to help our beautiful, incredible amazing world (worth using two superlatives) to thrive in all areas for the generations to come. In my personal experience, when talking to people about our projects, the reactions were more than positive. In some cases, people couldn't help to manifest their enthusiasm in a very loud manner and even hugs. This is great and it brings a great feeling of achievement, until it comes to physical, or financial involvement.

Human beings have the tendency to treat advanced diseases with full devotement and most of the times with huge associated financial and social costs, instead of timely prevention.

Figure 1. The photo shows a possible outcome of the overuse of our planet's resources without any limits. Credits to (Kira, 2016)

We also tend to wait for the governments of our countries to DO IT for us, to change and create ''the laws'' which we need to sustain a good, healthy life for us and the planet. It's been more than a few hundred years of waiting for the Kings and governments to do that and in the end it might all come back to us to solve it after all. All we should do is to understand that we need to come together into a common goal and bit by bit to change our way of thinking and start to become active towards the issues that need to be addressed and either join some organisations, or just do something every year by ourselves.

In conclusion, we need to start to act sooner rather than later, or when will be too late, if we want to manage the actual global warming and other harm that we are bringing to our only place of habitat, and especially for our children's future.

My name is Daniel Cristea and I am the Director of this charity One Common Goal, I am in a full time education with Plymouth University (Environmental Science degree), author of a children's book, which encourages children to plant trees and flowers every year of their lives among other activities which are designed to help the children develop their creativity and love for the world's environment. The book was published in seven languages and five more languages are scheduled to be published soon.

This is my way of helping the environment of our world, and I would like to succeed in finding the best way through which I will manage to persuade all the children to participate actively in this important activity and make a habit out of it which to pass on to their children and so on.

Figure 2. A few of the people and their children participating at the tree planting in Plymouth on the 21/03/2019. Photo from personal database

We have planted forty trees this spring with a few primary school children and shows the progress of our trees, after a few months later. Alongside each tree are the children who were assigned to look after each of the trees. Come along and let us help you plant, look after and pick the fruit of your own tree, or trees, for the next few years.

I believe that more people are equipped with the necesarry abilities to start or join an organisation which can help our environment to regain its balance. Thank you

Figure 3. Happy children planting 40 fruit trees at a school in Romania organised by One Common Goal CIC UK. Photo from personal database


Kira, K., 2016. Reddit. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 7 1 2020].

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