Image by Perry Grone

This is another one of our community project ideas, targetted on the area of making use of recylcable materials.

For this project, two large statues will be built by all the children in Plymouth and erected at each end of A38 which will serve as a warm welcome to tourists visiting Plymouth.  


The proposal is for persons in the communities of Plymouth to purchase small individual pieces of these statues that the children will put together. Parents and children will take pride in knowing that they built these with their own hands.   


We will keep all Plymothians updated about the progress of these projects through the local radio stations, newspapers, social media and our website. The charity will also hold a Public event in Plymouth as soon as we will raise the necessary funds, to show our vision to all the people of Plymouth in a more immersive way.   

statue A38 Patric.jpg

Important note: This statue illustrates the size of the statue in comparison to the motorway sign. The statue will not be built next to any motorway signs.