Family Fun in Field

This project is one of our biggest and most beneficial projects we would like to undertake, however its success will depend on community interest. 

Picture this! A family-friendly spot on Dartmoor, with wooden hand-made benches (see image 1) and swings, decorated with colourful plants all enclosed by a fence!

Would'nt that be a nice place to stop and have some lunch whilst on a Dartmoor Adventure with family and friends?

Well this is exaclty the project we would like to establish on Dartmoor. 

Furthermore, how cool would it be to have the flowers planted in the formation of letters and word ( see image 2)? 

Such a project is designed to unite likeminded people, to create an unforgettable monument that will be useful and beneficial to everyone, whilst also instilling the importance of planting to children!

2019-01-30 (9).png

Image 1: Handmade wooden benches


Image 2: Flowers planted in the formation of the words "The Children of Devon Love Planet Earth"