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The one children's charity you wish your child will be part of too

Benefits of Joining Our Team

Giving back to society

Giving of your time, donations and support will help to move the society forward in a positive way.



Nothing like having some volunteer hours to not only spruce up your own career profile, but to feel within yourself a sense of achievement. 

Building the Community

The projects that we focus on here at 'One Common Goal' are all centered around building up the community.

Saving the Environment!

Because of you, the environment will not only look better, but feel better. 

There are no strings attached, no obligations in place and no contracts to sign. However you are able to give, we will appreciate. All that matters, is that we band together to make a change in our country and by extension, the world! Change starts with us! So spread the word, get involved today and make a difference in our communities!

If you would like to donate to the charity, or to any of the projects we will be working on, click the button below!