Image by Anna Earl

Help us Plant a tree or a flower at our annual event!

Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, we can only really make a difference if we do differently. Every year, on March 21st, you have the opportunity to join our team in doing something about our current environmental situation by helping us plant trees and flowers. 

March 21st is World Tree Day! What an appropriate day to set aside time to plant a tree. Trees are essential for maintaining life on Planet Earth as they provide us with the oxygen that we need to breathe. They also provide the planet with an ecosystem service by taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it. This is beneficial to us in reducing our carbon emissions and combatting climate change. 

Not only do trees provide scientific environmental benefits, but they provide recreational benefits by providing shade, fruits and adding beauty to our surroundings. The more trees we cut down for urban development, the more we need to plant in other areas to establish a balance.