Boy Coloring

We all know that children are the future. The best way to ensure that sustainability is achieved is to not only implement sustainable practices ourselves, but to ensure that our children learn these skills and practices at an early age, so that it becomes second nature. 

As a result, a lot of the work carried out by this charity will focus on children and how we can educate and empower them to be responsible citizens of Planet Earth. 

What better way to target children than to meet them where they are at- in the schools! Our charity is planning to put on school competitions where children will be given the opportunity to express their creativity to an aspect of the environment. Competitions include:

  1. Creating a poster of recyclable materials 

  2. Creating a sculpture design- The winner's design will be created by our charity using single use plastics and other recyclable materials.

The charity would also like to raise awareness of the importance of planting trees in our schools. The planting of fruit trees within schools is a project that we are looking to embark on soon.