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News 1

We are starting the sale of the ''Children's common goal'' book and it is as cheap as a cup of coffe. 

News 2

Our project has the ambition of reaching an astronomical level soon. Come join us too and be one of the winners of the greatest humanly reward called, ''the heart fulfillment'', or the feeling of a wonderful contribution for our children's future.

One Common Goal is proud to announce that we have now started a new project for the date were we all get to say together and at the same time ''thank you mother earth'' for all the beautiful gifts that you are giving us every day. On the 1st of August we wish to get everyone to spend five minutes at 12.00AM & 12.00PM to thank mother earth for everything. The beautiful thing is that we can do it together and at the same time. Yes, the entire population of planet Earth.

Get creative, hug a tree, touch the sun and the moon, kiss the sea and the sky (somehow). Just say it with everyone; ''thank you mother earth''


Here at ‘one common goal’ charity we intend to build a new trend among our children and their parents. We wish to spread only love among ourselves and for our planet earth. Please come along and help us spread the word around and let as many people hear about our activities, so together can make the world a better place for us and most importantly, our children.


At ‘ONE COMMON GOAL’ we are conducting many projects and one of them is to persuade all the children in the world to plant a tree each once a year on the 21st of March which is the international tree day. Please feel free to help us in any way you think best, as we can only succeed by reaching to your heart and others to come together in one common goal. To give our planet better lungs and to you, a great feeling of achievement.


If you wish to help us financially, we would like to mention that we operate on a 100% transparency policy and you will find your donation (your name will only be partially shown) along with every single penny spent on our website.

We would like to be the pioneers of one of the most honest charitable organisation in the world by proving to you that we will operate everything absolutely fairly.

Get Involved

If money are not something you feel confortable sharing with us, or for any other reasons you cannot donate any money, you could also donate your time for our beautiful projects by spreading the word around you so more and more people will come together in one common goal. Or you could come to us and help us with our chors. The goal is to start to do something more than just talking about our everyday unconfortable things and instead expecting others to do it for us.

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