Little insects that make a big difference

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Size does not matter. These tiny amazing creatures are here to prove us all that they are as important as us all and if we are careless about how we treat them, we will soon realize how difficult it will become to leave without them. Some species of insects are so important for the pollination of the plants that are essential for human survival, that their disappearance will make life on earth very difficult, or may become impossible to sustain the entire population of this planet (soil association, 2019).

Since the 1980 more than a third of all bees species have disappeared (BBC NEWS, 2019), and unfortunately the forecast is not very bright either according to (soil association, 2019). There are many reasons for the loss of bees and other insects. For example

a. Pesticides

b. Verroa mite

c. Loss of habitat

d. GMO’s plants

The question is, can we find a way to help these little insects to regain their numbers at the same time with helping the environment to become greener, healthier?

Figure 1. Photo provided by the website host company. Representing a worker bee collecting polen.


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