True LEADERSHIP charisma. A born or a taught quality?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Figure 1. Obtained from free source representing the true leader mindset




Figure 2. obtained from free source representing the BOSS mindset and stile

Across the ages people were attracted and gave their lives for some of the world's greatest leaders' ideals. In some cases, these ideals and plans were not fair or honest for the people that were involved in the execution of these ideas, and in some cases, destructive for the entire world. Arguments continue to arise on whether true leaders are born with the necessary qualities, or if anyone can learn to become a true leader.

Recently I have been part of a leadership course within Plymouth University (credits to which aims to raise awareness on the differences between a leader and a boss and attempt to solve this enigma on whether it is possible to become a great leader using study materials and tutors’ directions.

The course was comprised from two important stages: Theoretical and practical.

1. Theoretical

In the theoretical session there were presented a few key elements:

. Different leadership values

Concepts of 'Values Led Leadership'

Adaptation in communication in accordance to the specific environment

Empowering, motivating and inspiring the team

Lead by example and not by force

The allocation of tasks to the right people

The difference of character which brings different perspectives in people

. Group dynamics combined with effectiveness

How important is to work in a team

Integration in a team (participants as well as others)

Managing the team involvement and behaviour

. Personal leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses

Values, believes, attitude and behaviour

Interpersonal skills and communication skills

Observational skills for the team and the task

The theoretical literature was very well documented by the people who are trying to build more true leaders in order to help the world to progress faster and with less side-effects as possible. At this stage, the amount of information and teachers is satisfactory, but the question remain on whether this is sufficient to master both, the theoretical and practical sides.

2. Practical

A two days trip on the Moors (National Park) in Devon-Cornwall was designed for our group were a series of practical teachings and tests have been put in place to assure a complete experience and the desired outcome.

Since the theoretical databank has been so well identified, a practical exercise was organised in order to test the students ability to prove how well they can put in practice the theory accumulated in the classrooms, or if the students' different characters will impede them to deliver a positive result.

The observed results were mixed, from easily becoming emotionally, to enthusiastically trying to take complete control over the situation, no students have managed to rise to the complete level of a charismatic leadership skills. Granted, the course was not too long or designed to focused to engage the students 100% on this course only. In the end the question remains if it is possible to train a leader or these people are born with special abilities.

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