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Engage three teachers in a contest for one year to help three special needs children to become over average students.
The teachers will be selected by checking their past results, the amount of passion and interest shown at the interview for this project.
The children should be selected from a school with special needs. Children with non violent behavioural history, but with very low chances of a successful future. The children will have to be followed strictly at home for this entire period with time, to ensure that they do not live into an excessively stressful environment. The city Council will be asked to help in providing the classrooms and transport, or paid by us if we can succeed in raising some kind donations from other people. The locations should be chosen, where possible, with as much natural and green space as possible.
The teachers will use their own ideas and teaching methods to help the children improve.
The teachers will be payed according to the amount of donations raised by our charity from the kind people, but no more than 5000 pounds/month and the winner will receive a prize of 10% from the total amount of money rose from the donations, but no more than 1 000 000 pounds + the worldwide recognition for his/hers teaching methods. 
All the sessions will be recorded and all the teaching methods will be documented and later proposed to the Government to be introduced as mandatory in all the schools in Britain and later the entire world